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The web site of Actor and Performer Will Stephens of Hollywood, CA.
Will Stephens, WIll Chris, Actor, Performer, Hollywood, CA
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Vampire Summer

09 Apr Vampire Summer

Looks like I will be battling vampires this summer. I just got word that I’ll be joining the cast of FX’s “The Strain” for the Season 2 finale episode. Needless to say, they’re pretty tight-lipped with the details and I will not make an appearance until the end of the season. If my character doesn’t get the life sucked outta him, get beheaded, or any of the other possible gruesome demises that occur on the show, maybe I’ll be back for season 3. Who knows? I would say “Keep your fingers crossed”, but crosses don’t work on these vamps. ‘Nuff said. STAY TUNED!

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